Popular Cabinet Materials for Your Living Space

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When choosing materials for your living area, many factors to consider. While budget is important, style, durability, and ease of cleaning are also essential considerations. We will be discussing the pros and cons of some of the most popular cabinets materials in this post. Let’s get started!

#1.Solid Wood

Cabinets are made most often from wood. It is durable, non-toxic, and renewable. You can paint or stain the surface with your choice of color. You have many options: teak, mindi (marindi), and Melia Azadecha – all are common materials for cabinets used in living pace.


Wood comes in many colors and textures. Wood’s natural variations are what adds to its unique appeal. Wood can be used for both traditional and modern designs. Polished wood is easy to maintain. Avoid using highly acidic commercial cleaners.


It is important to choose the right wood. Low-quality timber boards can show warps or dents. Humidity changes can lead to wood’s core and the surface becoming damaged. Wood must be polished regularly to maintain its straight texture. Wood can be expensive and time-consuming to make.


Laminates are thin sheets of paper that are sandwiched together. Laminates can be made up of layers of plastic resin and layers of paper with different designs or patterns and an overlay of tough plastic film. Laminates are preferred over solid wood because they can be infested and damaged.

These surfaces can also be installed with composite products like plywood, particleboard, and MDF (Medium-density fibreboard). These boards can be covered with a decorative film or sheet. These substrates are cheaper than solid wood (as is laminate) and are stronger.

Laminates are thin sheets of paper that are sandwiched together. These sheets can be made up of kraft paper or plastic resin layers.

Choose a laminate made of HPLC (high-pressure laminates). They are stronger and more durable than low-pressure laminates. Many choices are available: matte, high-gloss, unicore (where each laminate layer has the same pattern and color, so no wear away), digital (with specialized, customized printing on its surface), and everything in between. There are many brands, including Merino Laminates and Century Laminates. Royale Touche and Greenlam Laminates are also available. There are many designs and finishes available.


These sheets are lightweight and can be compressed. Laminates can be compressed to replicate any material, such as wood, metal, and leather. A paper backing protects the printed layer. The laminate’s skin is resistant to scratches, wear, and fade, and it does not require polishing repeatedly. Laminates are extremely resistant to moisture. They are easy to clean because they are transparent.


Laminates are susceptible to tearing if not installed correctly. Laminates are made of high-pressure paper and plastic-based resins. Laminates are not recyclable. Some types can release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

#3. Wood Veneers

Veneers are slices made from solid wood and pasted onto a composite substrate. Veneers are very similar to laminates. These sheets can be stained or polished to achieve the desired color and texture. Veneers accurately represent the beauty and refined grains found in natural wood. Many Indian brands offer high-quality veneers, such as AlishanPly or ArchidPly.


Veneers can soften kitchens with hard edges. Veneers can be treated to achieve matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes. Wood veneers are more durable than wood and can cover larger areas with thin slices of solid hardwood.


Veneers do not resist scratches. Veneers will fade if exposed to sunlight. The sheets should be polished like wood after a while. Water spots may appear if the sheets aren’t properly polished.

#4. PVC

These sheets are made from poly-vinyl-chloride sheets. They are a type of composite plastic sheet with a hard finish. These sheets can be used with or without a substrate. The living pace cabinet material is easy to install. Because it is oil-proof and waterproof, it makes a great choice for living pace cabinetry. You can also find PVC sheets in lighter colors. Some brands also offer faux wood grains or moldings.


PVC sheets offer a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to laminates and wood-based products. It is also termite-proof and anticorrosive. It is also very easy to maintain. Like laminates, PVC sheets can also be easily replaced or sourced.


PVC sheets can’t be found in many colors and patterns. These sheets are not fire-resistant and will be yellow with age. Only hardware compatible for plastic hinges and handles tracks. Some plastics can become more malleable with time so that joints can become looser.

#5. Aluminum or Stainless Steel

 Living pace cabinets made of metal can be solid and durable. This is, however, a more expensive option. Doors can be steel or aluminum, which is an option for wooden cabinets. Many finishes for metal sheets, including etched and brushed and patterned. This unusual material can be paired with glass to lighten it.


Metals boast a unique look. Treated metal is strong and rust-resistant. It can also resist staining. Metal doors are resistant to heat and humidity. These sheets are easy to clean and withstand frying, spice residues, and other cooking activities.


Only a handful of colors are available for metals. It is possible to repolise shiny topcoats that have become oxidized or rusty. The duster should be used on metal surfaces more often because they are easy to see for oil smudges and fingerprints. These sheets can also be scratched and dented. Last but not least, their drawers are louder than other materials.

#6. Melamine


Prices. Made of pressed wood, MD, or plywood. A layer of colored paper stained using a heat-fused melanin resin is added to the top.

Variety. Many colors and patterns are available, including a realistic faux wood grain option.

Maintenance. Melamine cabinets require little to no maintenance.


Limited Selection of Shapes. This restricts your design options.

Low resistance. Melamine cabinets are particularly vulnerable to scratches and dents, proving very difficult to repair.

Weigh. The cost of Melamine can lead to sagging.

#7. Wood Veneers


Natural Wood-like. Veneer cabinets look and feel like natural hardwood. These cabinets are made of a thin layer of natural wood glued to less expensive core material.

Price: Wood veneers can be more affordable than solid wood.

Scratch repair. Tiny scratches and nicks can easily be buffed away to give an even smoother appearance.

Wood Veneer has higher durability than laminate but is less durable than solid hardwood. It resists warping.

Simple Care. Veneer cabinets are easily cleaned using a soft, damp cloth.


Highly susceptible to water damage. Too much moisture can cause the veneer’s base to crack, creating a bubble effect. “

#8. High Gloss Temofoil


Attractive Look. Cabinets that reflect light make your living area appear larger and brighter. High Gloss Thermofoil, a glossy vinyl coating applied to a base material such as pine fibreboard, is called high gloss thermofoil.

Basic Cleaning. Use a damp towel to remove any traces or smudges.

Fade & Warp Resistant. HGT cabinets will not warp or fade like wood.


It will show dirt. Many homeowners with small children opt for this material to cover their upper cabinets doors.

It can be challenging to paint. It is challenging to cover scratches or change color.

Highly Sensitive to Heat and Moisture. HGT cabinets are stronger today than 20 years ago but still susceptible to heat and moisture.

What Is The Best Material For Living Space Cabinet?

Hardwood and plywood are the best options for high-quality cabinets when it comes down to the details. These cabinets are unmatched in durability and aesthetics regarding living-pace cabinet materials. They are also more costly than modern living-pace cabinet materials.

Cabinets are versatile so that it can be set up in many ways. This makes them very adaptable to any kitchen. You can choose from various styles and materials, including glass, solid wood, and aluminum. BEDINI Miami offers high-end Italian cabinets.

What Materials To Avoid?

Remodeling or replacing cabinets in your home is a significant investment. It is important to ensure that the cabinets in your living space are of the highest quality. Lower-quality cabinets such as particleboard are better avoided. Particleboard doesn’t have a dense structure, making it more susceptible to moisture damage and sagging. Particleboard is also resistant to screws and is one of the most long-lasting materials.

Fiberboard is similar to particleboard and should be used with care. Fiberboard is denser than particleboard but still has a mixture of recyclables. Fiberboard is identical to particleboard in that it is not strong enough to hold screws and is susceptible to water damage.

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If you are in the market for new cabinets, consider a few things. The most popular cabinet materials are wood, laminate, and metal. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s essential to choose the one that will work best for your needs. C4L Cabinetry Tempe is a great place to start searching for new cabinets. We offer a wide variety of materials and styles so that you can find the perfect setting for your home. Contact us today at (480) 758-5829 to get started!